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Selection Process and Timeline


The following selection process applies to:

  • all Hong Kong applicants to UWCs through the UWC Scholarship Scheme 
  • Non Hong Kong applicants applying to LPCUWC through Full Fee Entry

All applicants are required to complete all stages of the selection process before an offer can be made.

All students selected will be completing the IB Diploma. The process outlined evaluates a student’s ability to gain from a UWC education as well as complete the IB Diploma. Further information about the IB Diploma is available on the College website and


Notification of Offers (April – May 2017) 

  • Overseas UWCs
    Successful applicants will be notified of their preliminary UWC offer and scholarship award by early April 2017. Once the applicants have accepted the preliminary offer, they will be officially nominated to the respective UWC Colleges. Final confirmation of offer from the overseas UWCs will be in May 2017. 
    Successful applicants will be notified of their offer from LPCUWC by April 2017. The amount of scholarship awarded will be notified by June 2017.


Key Dates


What’s Happening

3 October 2016 (Monday)

Application Period begins

15 October 2016 (Saturday)

First Open Day

13 November 2016 (Sunday)

Second Open Day

21 November 2016 (Monday)

Application Deadline

4 December 2016 (Sunday)

Aptitude Test

22 January 2017 (Sunday)

Challenge Day

February - March 2017

Panel Interviews

Early April 2017

Notification of preliminary offers and scholarship awards to overseas UWCs

April 2017

Notification of LPCUWC offers

May 2017

Final confirmation of offers from overseas UWCs

Confirmation of scholarship awards to LPC students