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360º Sustainability Experience: Immersive Residency / Costa Rica

What is our role in keeping the balance between the human-made world and the wild?

In this 10 day immersion program we will be exploring reciprocity between our human journey and the planet we inhabit. Nurturing our relationship with local ecosystems through reflections, discussions, group activities, and communal gathering. We will be exploring biodiversity through the lens of artistic, scientific and hands on methods.

In this summer residency you will…
Be immersed in sensory experience, that makes tangible the interconnectedness of the human reality with the wilderness
Reflect about your own personal relationship with nature
Awake your sense of stewardship for the natural world, to become an ambassador of sustainability
Become part of a community of Agents of Change, that calls UWC Costa Rica home

This program is co-created with Grounded in Motion.

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