When we ask alumni about their most memorable moments here, a clear pattern emerges – people remember their Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) experiences best.

EOTC forms the second pillar to education at LPCUWC. It is also the heart and soul to student life. The EOTC programme is central to our UWC values and focuses on experiential learning –  learning by doing in a context outside the traditional classroom in order to develop the whole person. 

The aims of EOTC are to:

  • eotcFacilitate experiential learning
  • Learning through doing
  • Serving others
  • Student leadership
  • Challenge and risk taking
  • Holistic development of the individual

 Cultural Evenings

Cultural evenings are highlights of the year and the epitome of our celebration of diversity. The aim is to promote international understanding and appreciation. They are four chances throughout the year to completely immerse yourself in others cultures and showcase your own.


There are five cultural evenings each year. The year starts with an International Cultural Evening prepared by second years for incoming first years. Students experience cultures around the world with the four cultural evenings that follow, each focusing on a different region - Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & South Asia, North America and South America on a two-year rotation and China annually. By graduation, everyone will have prepared their own cultural evening and had a glimpse of all other regions.

Cultural Evenings are built on collective effort. The experience starts way before the actual evening. Students from the same region come together to prepare, present, and facilitate a highly-anticipated cultural show, a dinner of regional cuisines, and a week of pre-performance events (including a Global Issues Forum session) for the entire college community. Although a staff member supervises each evening, students lead the way, showing strong initiative, responsibility, collaboration, and creativity. 


Orientation Week

Orientation Week introduces new Year 1 students to all aspects of College and Hong Kong life. It is led by staff and Year 2 students and takes place in the first week of term.

Outdoor Pursuits

We have newly developing programme featuring a working relationship with Outward Bound HK, including activities such as kayaking, hiking, camping and climbing