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Next 30 Years

UWC Graduates Organization (UWCGO) and UWC Hong Kong Committee (UWCHK) are joining hands with LPC’s College Board to launch the fundraising campaign, the Next 30 Years of LPCUWC, to ensure the UWC mission lives on through LPCUWC.

The school’s distinctive DNA of student diversity and excellence continues to thrive 30 years on from the beginning of LPCUWC. 


Today, LPCUWC still very much stands for student and staff diversity:

  • More than 147 nationalities represented at LPCUWC to date

  • 258 students in total with over 94 nationalities and more than 200 languages are spoken on campus

  • 93.4% of current students are under some form of Scholarship

  • 100% faculty live on campus, with 12 nationalities represented 

It continues to excel in academics. Not only does the school continue to score among the top percentile in the IB diploma compared to other UWCs and other IB institutions around the world, it continues its track record of sending graduates to top global universities:



  • Early offers to notable universities in 2024 (as of 10 January), offers include 

    • US- Brown University, Emory, Northwestern, University of Chicago, and Wellesley College.  

    • UK - some offers have been made

    • HK - HKUST

LPC’s financing need for the next few years is projected to be HK$10mn per annum, for three reasons:

  • Economic headwinds - Tough market conditions have led to lower-than-expected investment returns of the school’s grandfathered endowment. A significant part of the school’s budget is supported by the endowment’s returns. Increasing scholarship demand - Due to demographic changes and poor economic conditions overseas, demand for full scholarships by overseas scholars has increased, while the pool of fee-paying scholars has reduced. 

  • Impending renovation needs - The residential quarters are 30-years-old, in need of renovation. 


Looking ahead, the school will have to make hard choices. Without sufficient funding, the school will need to draw down the endowment, thereby reducing future investment gains that can be used to fund the school on an annual basis. As an alternative, the school can opt to cut scholarships provided to deserving and talented local and overseas young people, whose families would not otherwise be able to afford the fees. 


If we can raise HK$8mn for the school in 2024, it will be used to:

  • Fund 10 local student scholarships (HK$308,000 per year)

  • Fund 10 overseas student scholarships (HK$406,000 per year)

  • Fund renovation of the residential quarters


This will remove the need for the school to draw down the principal of the LPCUWC endowment, and improve the future self-sustainability of the school, while protecting the school’s cherished student diversity by keeping scholarship funded positions in each academic year to be above [55%].

  • Over 70% of LPC students are under financial aid

  • All-inclusive scholarships specifically tailored for UWC graduates to study in the US (see appendix 1)

  • Financial and employment support is crucial to the students 

The newly initiated Talent for Hong Kong Scholarship Scheme will provide opportunities to 15 international students to study at LPCUWC, and continue their university studies in Hong Kong at reputable partner universities The University of Hong Kong (HKU), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(HKUST) [and The Polytechnical University of Hong Kong (PolyU).]

LPCUWC  Global Citizens

The excellence in academics is complimented by an education still rooted deeply in instilling the next generation of LPCUWC students with a sense of global citizenship, compassion and service, international and intercultural understanding, and a respect for the environment. These are exemplified by their collective leadership and participation in unique quan cai activities, with some particular call-outs including:

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