LPCUWC is a registered charitable non-profit organization and rely on the generosity of donations from individuals, trusts, foundations, companies and governments to realise our mission of embracing diversity and inclusiveness. Currently the college has a student body comprising over 80 different nationalities. The College is also committed to economic diversity with 15% of Hong Kong students on full scholarships and around 24% of Hong Kong students are on 80% scholarships or above for 2016 Year 1 intake.

Why Contribute?

It is the belief of UWC that no one should be deprived of the opportunity to receive a quality education due to financial circumstances. UWC admits students based on individual merit, and ensures diversity in its student body through the provision of scholarships. To continue our work, UWC relies on your donations!

To date, UWC has inspired a worldwide network of more than 55,000 alumni who have proved how education can be used as a force to transform and unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.


Impact of Donations

“…The transition from a non-swimmer to a scuba diver means a lot to me because I have overcome my fear of water and challenged myself… In addition, the school life here is very dynamic and vigorous. Studying in a boarding school with students from all over the world is just marvellous because I can get numerous hands-on experiences which expand my knowledge about the world and various cultures. Over the two years, I have had the privilege of learning about myself and obtaining more skills. I really appreciate that LPCUWC has offered me many opportunities to learn new things and extend my potential.”
“As a child born in a suburban area, surrounded by criminals, and exposed to violence, nothing would be expected from me. Now I know how the world looks like, and I know that so many have suffered more than ever I did. At LPCUWC I learnt that people have different personalities and different views of the world, and that we should respect their opinion in the same way that we want ours to be respected. I learnt that unity is more important than individualism, and that we don´t need to be rich to help other people… I really changed, and without LPCUWC I would still have an unrealistic view of the world.”
“Attending LPCUWC was more than just a dream. I wish and hope that more people could benefit from this incredible experience, as I do. I was welcomed with bright smiling faces, warm hugs and loving people. The first thing which hocked me was my clothes which I left in the laundry room. When I went there after a while, they were cleaned and dried. No doubt, that was my very first positive impression about LPCUWC. I can clearly feel the positive changes hat have happened to me, whether in terms of personality, academics, life skills, social or leadership skills. I am simply thankful to Li Po Chun United World College which has helped me see the world from a different perspective.“


Use of Donations

UWC receives support from endowments, governments, philanthropists, corporations, foundations, alumni and parents. UWC’s unique scholarship award system and other infrastructure and operations of LPCUWC require these funds to sustain and improve. LPCUWC not only on academic excellence but also the involvement of students on artistic pursuits, physical activity and community service. We also value other non-financial support besides donation to ensure the smooth operation of our scholarship programme as well as our college and student activities.