“Inspire Change” is the theme of this year’s United World Colleges (UWC) Day on 21 September simultaneously celebrated by all 17 UWC schools and colleges across the globe. At Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (LPCUWC), this comes alive in a rich series of workshops that focuses on achieving sustainability – what lies at the core of the UWC mission.

inspire changeSetting the tone of the workshops is a keynote speech by alumnus Amos Tai (LPCUWC 2003), currently Assistant Professor in the Earth System Science Program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, in the afternoon at the Assembly Hall. His researches aim “to understand the interactions between atmospheric chemistry, climate, ecosystems and agriculture, focusing on societally relevant issues.” After attending LPCUWC, Amos pursued his undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering Science (minor in Chemistry) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, USA. He later proceeded to Harvard University where he obtained his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy, both in Engineering Sciences.

There are 15 different workshops administered simultaneously after the talk of Amos. A reflection session to further facilitate exchange of insights and learning led by a tutor caps each individual workshop (for the descriptions of each workshop, click: "Sustainability Workshops"):

  • iCycle remote
  • Lobby letter writing – Country Parks 
  • Lobby letter writing – Sharks Fin Soup 
  • Lobby letter writing – Hong Kong International Airport Third Runway 
  • Lobby letter writing – Plastic Waste in Hong Kong  
  • Carbon offset masterminding 
  • Energy Audit Prioritising – Lighting                       
  • Energy Audit Prioritising – Heating, water and canteen 
  • Sustainable Design and Entrepreneurship
  • Video making – Sustainability initiatives in LPC  
  • Video making – How to live sustainably in LPC  
  • GIF – Green Issues Forum 
  • The Green Restaurant Guide
  • Urban Farming 
  • Mai Po