IG Happy United World Colleges (UWC) Day!

We have lined up different activities this afternoon to celebrate UWC Day, which falls on 21 September, inspired by the theme "Climate of Change".

We start off with Dehron's video message about the Bamahas. Dehron belongs of LPCUWC Class 2019 and is from the Bahamas. 

Four different workshops follow:

(1) Theatre of the Oppressed: Dramatic expression of oppression due to changing climate
(2) Eco-Feminism discussion: On the importance of gender equality and how that impacts sustainable development
(3) Lakeville Game: Highlighting the conflict that may arise due to ecological stress 
(4) Civic Engagement (for second-year students) 

And we wrap up our celebration with a reflection session, "Climate of Change" Summary Kahoot. 

UWC Day coincides with the celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace and is observed in all 18 UWC schools and colleges across the globe.