y2 welcome

A show of tenacity! 

The first batch of second-year overseas students from 37 countries has arrived in Hong Kong in early August and is currently completing the Hong Kong government's compulsory 14-day quarantine at a hotel that the College has arranged for all overseas students.

Hats off to the members of the College's Student Support Team who are overseeing the arrivals of overseas students and keeping them active and in high spirits while under quarantine in their respective rooms. 

The first batch that arrived had a virtual welcome by Principal Arnett Edwards and Admissions Director Melody Miu. Other batches of first- and second-year students are scheduled to arrive within the same month, in time for the opening of school.

Consistent with the decision of the Education Bureau on the delay of resumption of in-person classes, the College will undertake all related learning activities online, with overseas students doing them on-campus and Hong Kong-based students in the comforts of home. Thanks to the hard work of our teachers -- the College has put together different approaches to asynchronous and synchronous teaching-learning that also cater to overseas students who, due to travel restrictions, may not be able to fly to Hong Kong yet.