sungA good crowd of almost 500 students and parents attended the second United World College (UWC) Info Day held on 11th November at the Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (LPCUWC). The event was co-hosted by LPCUWC and UWC Hong Kong in hopes to showcase the unique UWC education model.  

Former Chinese University of Hong Kong Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Joseph Sung, SBS JP, joined the panel sharing session as a parent of two LPCUWC alumni and current Member of the UWC Hong Kong and LPCUWC Board of Directors. He took excerpts from the book by Harari, sharing in his opinion how UWC trains our students in the 4Cs of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity. 
During the session, he reinforced how the UWC education values can shape students into mature, allrounded individuals – qualities that they seek during university undergraduate admissions. He also shed light on how the residential setting – an integral part of UWC education – has opened the horizon and built memorable friendships for his daughters.   

Ms Vivian Wu, School Supervisor of Aristle Group International, elaborated on her view of the 3 key necessary nutrients for teenagers’ development - creating a diverse and rigorous environment, cultivating the heart to serve our community, and instilling intrinsic motivation. She also illustrated how UWC creates platform to encourage students to take initiatives – much like herself founding a new peace initiative in collaboration with Green Peace during her years at LPCUWC.  

With over 3000 UWC alumni in Hong Kong, many of them came on the day to help speak with prospective students and their parents, including Mr Bruce Au, Senior Project Manager at Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Bruce shared with the panel how his UWC and LPCUWC has opened his doors, as illustrated by his 3 turning points in life – from Hong Kong to MIT and banking, then onto serving at social enterprises and finally returning to Hong Kong to reconnect with his roots.  

UWC Info Days offer prospective students and their parents the opportunity to learn more about UWC and its 17 schools and colleges across the globe, including LPCUWC. Taking place in October and November each year, UWC Info Days line up a series of informative, interactive and lively activities, in addition to bringing alumni from various colleges and walks of life to one venue and share their UWC stories and transformations. The day’s rundown includes campus tours, Admissions and Academic Talks, Q&A with alumni and parents, plus performances of various ‘Quan Cai’ activities by current LPCUWC students as part of their CAS programme under the IBDP.  

Application to the UWC is made through the UWC Hong Kong Committee. Due to the enthusiastic responses from many parents and students, the deadline for submission of application has been extended to the 22nd November, 2018. For more information, read more about admissions from the UWC Hong Kong website at  

nov infoEstablished by German educationalist Dr. Kurt Hahn in the 1950s at the height of the Cold War, UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for a peace and sustainable future. It is a deliberately diverse community that has an alumni base of over 60,000 globally. At LPCUWC alone, its students come from over 80 countries.  

It is the basic philosophy at UWC to select students purely on merit and their financial background would not be a hindrance for them to attend any one of the 17 Schools and Colleges worldwide. Therefore, the UWC Scholarship Scheme was founded to provide scholarships and fee remission to selected students according to their financial need on a means-tested basis. 

Application is open to students between ages 16 and 19 and is made through the UWC Hong Kong National Committee. Deadline for submission of application is 22nd November 2018. For further information regarding the admission process and scholarship scheme, visit website