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Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (LPCUWC) and Widex Technology Development Limited (Widex) today signed a partnership on a solar power system which will be the largest of its kind in a school setting in Hong Kong and is expected to be completed this summer.

LPCUWC Board Chairman Mr Anthony Tong and Widex Chief Executive Projects Director Mrs Maria Leung signed the agreement at LPCUWC, formalising a collaboration that promotes green energy technologies, generates scholarships, as well as provides the context to inject exciting elements into the curriculum.

PHOTO: LPCUWC Board Chair Anthony Tong, second from left, signs the contract on the solar power system project on campus, with Widex Chief Executive Projects Director Maria Leung. Looking on are LPCUWC Principal Arnett Edwards, first from left, and Widex Managing Director Mike Mai.To join the Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme designed to encourage the community participation in the adoption and development of renewable energy offered by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power), 1,168 photovoltaic panels will be installed on the rooftops of ten buildings within the campus including the academic and residential blocks with a total capacity of 403 kW. It is projected that the system will produce approximately 480,000 kWh of electricity each year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 120 four-person households, generating an annual revenue of HK$ 1.9 million. The revenues generated will be used for scholarships for students in LPCUWC coming from grassroots families.

“But, that is not the only reason to pursue a project this size,” said Mr Tong. “As a strong member of the United World College Movement, peace and a sustainable future is at the core of our College’s mission,” he added.

Mr Tong shared, “this green-energy project is our contribution towards the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.” He explained that with the solar power system project, LPCUWC would be saving approximately 6,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide over 25 years, which is equivalent to 3,000 tons of coal burnt or planting 10,700 trees each year.

LPCUWC Principal Arnett Edwards highlighted that “the project also brings exciting potential for teaching and learning, not only to the College but also to other schools in Hong Kong.”

“The technological components of the solar power system could open windows for STEM-focused learning, the socio-economic side could be explored during lessons in the context of the 80 countries from which our students come,” he said.

Many of the 250 students at LPCUWC come from less developed countries, and Mr Edwards cited the high possibility for these students championing this form of alternative energy and sustainability in their countries.

Solar Power System Project Signing and PressCon Beyond LPCUWC, he elaborated that “we want to promote sustainability not just within our own community in the College but also to young people in other schools.” He mentioned the Sustainability Day Camps that LPCUWC is running involving students from LPCUWC and local secondary schools.

Widex is one of the most experienced solar power project developers in Hong Kong and has completed hundreds of solar power projects over the past 12 years.  Mrs. Maria Leung said “I am honored to be able to use my 30 years of experience in the power sectors in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland to work with LPCUWC and other schools and organizations to develop solar power systems and to assist in the implementation of energy conservation measures.” She added that, “The solar power system at LPCUWC is equipped with high efficiency solar panels and power optimizers to maximize the power output and to encourage students to make use of the detailed generation data for educational pursuits. We shall also assist in conducting sustainability education to promote the awareness of renewable energy and the importance of energy conservation amongst the students. ”

The Board of LPCUWC acknowledges the leadership of the Hong Kong SAR Government in introducing a parallel scheme enabling many other schools and NGOs to build solar power systems. LPCUWC is prepared to share with other schools its project experience and whatever pedagogical breakthroughs it may be able to achieve.

The Chairman Mr Anthony Tong and Principal Mr Arnett Edwards thank the Board for finding the donors for the project and their vision in supporting the development of education programmes, which could have an even more long-term impact on how young people relate to the environment and see their role in making a difference for the world. 







香港李寶椿聯合世界書院 (下稱「書院」) 滙展科技發展有限公司 (下稱「滙展科技發展」) 今天簽署合作計劃,建設全港最大規模的校園太陽能發電系統,預計系統將於今年夏季完成。










書院校長艾德華先生(Arnett Edwards)表示:「該項目同時為本書院甚至本港其他學校的教學帶來無比的潛能。








滙展科技發展在太陽能發電系統建設擁有豐富經驗,在過去12年參與過數以百計的太陽能發電系統項目。梁陳少芝女士表示:「我可以運用在香港和國内電力市場的30年經驗為書院以及其他學校和機構發展太陽能發電系統和推行節能措施,著實令我感到非常榮幸。」 她補充:「書院的太陽能發電系統安裝了高效太陽能板和發電優化器以增加發電量和鼓勵學生用詳細的發電數據作學術研究用途。我們並會協助書院行教育活動以提升學生的再生能源意識和推廣節能的重要性。」




書院主席湯啟康先生及校長艾德華先生(Arnett Edwards)亦感謝校董會的努力,覓得善長捐助該項目,及支持發展教育活動的遠見。這對年輕人有深遠的影響,讓他們知道怎樣善待環境及瞭解本身是改變世界的動力。