College Year 2019-2020 has been concluded on Friday 5 June for both Year 1 and 2 students.

Residences remain open for overseas students who have not been able to return home yet due to flight suspensions or border closures following COVID-19. Arrangements have been made for some of our teachers to look after the welfare of remaining students while they are on campus.

Two part-time nurses are also on duty to manage the clinic on campus, and an additional guidance counsellor has been engaged to provide counselling services to students who, in one way or another, may be affected by the situation.

The College continues to ensure that adequate preventive measures are in place against COVID-19, including regular temperature checks, and that it observes the health advice as outlined by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

A residential school offering the IB curriculum, the College is home to around 250 students from more than 80 nationalities each year.

The College is planning in earnest for the commencement of the new term and opening for Year 2 students for class commencement on Monday 24 August 2020. Contingency plans are being drawn up for a range of scenarios.