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Subject: Former Vice-Chancellor of CUHK Joins UWC Info Day on 11 November 
Issue Date:
:  2 November 2018
Willie Leung, Development Director, LPCUWC
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2nd Info Day with Prof SungStudents who are interested to study in any of the 17 schools and colleges of the United World Colleges (UWC) across the globe will have the opportunity to ask questions straight to a panel of accomplished UWC alumni and personalities, including former Chinese University of Hong Kong Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Joseph Sung, SBS, JP, and School Supervisor of Aristle Group International Ms Vivian Wu during the UWC Info Day on 11 November.

Co-hosted by the Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (LPCUWC) and UWC Hong Kong, the UWC Info Day provides a comprehensive programme for students and parents alike. Participants will gain insight into the unique experiential education model of UWC and how it transforms students to be change-makers. Further information regarding the UWC Scholarship Scheme, the unique residential set-up, where students from different countries live together, and the holistic approach to learning will also be elaborated throughout the day.

One of the highlights of the UWC Info Day is a panel interaction between UWC alumni and prospective students and their parents. Professor Sung will be joining the panel to share his insights as a parent of LPCUWC alumna and current Board Member of UWC Hong Kong and LPCUWC. Other notable speakers include Ms Wu, School Supervisor of Aristle Group International and expert on International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Gifted Education. Speakers on the panel, together with more than 30 UWC alumni and LPCUWC students, will also share their personal UWC stories to shed more light on how their UWC experience has impacted them both as an individual and a member of the larger community.

The day begins with an introduction to the UWC unique education model by LPCUWC Principal Arnett Edwards then segues into lively activities, including performances and sign-up booths at the Courtyard by LPCUWC students showcasing their Quan Cai co-curricular activities. Student residences will be opened to guests as part of the campus tour for them to get a feel of the sharing arrangement in the bedroom and common spaces, like the living and activity rooms. 

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This is the second UWC Info Day for this academic year; the first, on 11 October, drew in over 300 students and parents.

Established by German educationalist Dr. Kurt Hanh in the 1950s at the height of the Cold War, UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for a peace and sustainable future. It is a deliberately diverse community that has an alumni base of over 60,000 globally. At LPCUWC alone, its students come from over 80 countries.

It is the basic philosophy at UWC to select students purely on merit and their financial background would not be a hindrance for them at attend any one of the 17 Schools and Colleges worldwide. Therefore, the UWC Scholarship Scheme was founded to provide scholarships and fee remission to selected students according to their financial need on a means-tested basis.

Application is open to students between ages 16 and 19 and is made through the UWC Hong Kong National Committee. Deadline for submission of application is 19 November 2018. For further information regarding the admission process and scholarship scheme, visit website ###



標題:     前香港中文大學校長 參與1111 聯合世界書院(UWC)開放日

日期:    2018112
聯絡人: 香蔚霖,發展總監, 香港李寶椿聯合世界書院
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電話:     (852) 2812 2461 

香港中文大學前校長 參與1111 聯合世界書院(UWC)開放日

有意負笈全球多達17所學校和學院的聯合世界書院(UWC)的學生,於11月11日的UWC開放日期間將有機會直接向一眾有成就的UWC校友和人士提問,包括前香港中文大學校長沈祖堯教授 SBS JP,以及辦學團體雅士圖國際教育集團的校監胡善盈女士。


UWC開放日的重點項目之一是舊生及家長的小組分享會。 沈祖堯教授將會分享他作為LPCUWC校友的家長及UWC香港和LPCUWC現任董事會成員的獨特見解。其他演講者包括身兼雅士圖國際教育集團的校監,及國際文憑課程和資優教育專家的胡善盈女士。小組分享會的一眾嘉賓以及30多位UWC校友和LPCUWC學生將分享他們的個人UWC故事,詳述UWC體驗如何影響著他們作為個人和更大社區的成員。

當日活動先由LPCUWC校長Arnett Edwards先生於簡介會分享UWC的獨特教育模式,隨後緊接精彩的活動及分享,包括LPCUWC學生在庭院的表演和攤位,展示他們的「全才」活動。學生宿舍將會開放,成為校園導覽的一部分,讓訪客感受臥室和公共空間共享的安排。


這是本學年的第二場UWC開放日;   於10月11日所舉行的開放日已吸引300多名學生和家長參與。



16至19歲的學生可向UWC香港委員會遞交申請。提交申請的截止日期為2018年11月19日。有關入學程序和獎學金計劃的更多資訊,請瀏覽網站。 ###