Issued 7 September 2020 

Consistent with the announcement of the Education Bureau (EDB) of the Hong Kong SAR government on resumption of in-person classes for schools in Hong Kong, Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong is making arrangements for the arrival of all its local students and remaining overseas students on campus. 

Majority of its overseas students have already settled in on campus after completing the compulsory 14-day quarantine of the Hong Kong government. 

The College opened its new academic year on 24 August, with classes for second-year students administered online. Using the same online mode, first-year students started with their orientation on 27 August; their classes begin 7 September. 

In consideration of EDB regulations, Hong Kong students undertook classes and learning activities online in their respective homes. Similar support was given to overseas students who due to travel restrictions are still in their respective countries and those who are completing quarantine in the College-arranged hotel in Hong Kong. Only overseas students who are already on campus attended online classes and other learning activities in their respective residences. This move was also considered to better manage the volume of students on campus, while the EDB regulations suspending in-person classes were in force. 

With the recent EDB announcement, the College now opens its academic and residential facilities to both overseas and local students. The announcement also provides ample time to facilitate a shift from online to in-person learning, and implement a blended learning approach that factors in asynchronous and synchronous activities. This also ensures that students who still could not fly to Hong Kong due to travel restrictions back home are in sync with their classes and are afforded the same learning opportunities. 

An advisory has been issued to all students, their parents and National Committees outlining arrangements on in-person classes. The same communication reinforces stringent precautionary measures on campus to prevent COVID-19 infection. This includes an installation of automatic hand sanitizer dispensing machines across the academic block and residences, modified seating arrangements in both classrooms and the canteen that observe social distancing, and regular temperature checks. 

Consistent with the requirement of the Hong Kong government on the College’s overseas students upon their arrival in Hong Kong, local students have also been provided with enough period of time to have themselves tested for COVID-19 before their return to the campus on 20 and 21 September for second- and first-year local students, respectively. 

Various support is also extended to the College community, including a health centre supervised by two nurses, a visiting medical doctor, and two guidance counsellors who can provide psycho-emotional support. 

As of this issuance, there is no student or staff of the College reported to have contracted the coronavirus. Relevant protocols and coordination mechanisms with the Centre for Health Protection are in place in case a member of the College community is confirmed infected with COVID-19. 

Detailed Health Management Information and other COVID-19 related information is detailed in our FAQs linked here.