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Board of Directors



The Honourable John KC LEE, GBM, SBS, PDSM, PMSM The Chief Executive Hong Kong Special Administrative Region People’s Republic of China

中華人民共和國香港特別行政區行政長官 李家超先生,大紫荊勳賢,SBS,PDSM,PMSM

Board of Directors

Chairman - Mr Anthony TONG Kai Hong, BBS

Former Principal - SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School;
Former Member - UWC Scholarships Hong Kong Selection Committee;
Having served as Secretary of the Planning Committee for the Establishment of LPCUWC;
Former Deputy Director of Education, Hong Kong Government;
Vice Chairman - United World Colleges Hong Kong Committee Limited

Supervisor Convener, Staffing Sub-committee - Mrs Ruth LAU

Former Principal Education Officer of Education Bureau, HKSAR Government;
Board Member - United World Colleges Hong Kong Committee Limited;
Director - Gifted Education Foundation (a registered charity organization under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Department of the HKSAR government)

Member - Mr Kenneth CHEN Wei-On, SBS

Secretary General, Legislative Council Secretariat;
President, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups;
Under Secretary for Education, HKSAR Government (2008-2012)

Member - Ms Elizabeth FUNG Hoi-yung

UWC Graduate – Mahindra College;
Chair, UWC Graduates Organization (2022-present);
Head of Public Affairs, Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area, HSBC (2022-present);
Former Political Assistant to Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, HKSAR Government (2017-2022);
Member of Film Development Council

Member - Mr Kenneth LEUNG

UWC Graduate - Atlantic College;
Managing Director of Citigroup's Investment Banking Division

Member - Mr Alwin LI Sui Chee

Deputy General Manager - Eternal Express Limited;
Member - Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund Committee;
Member - Lord Wilson United World Colleges Scholarship Fund Council;
Member - School Management Committee of Li Sing Primary School

Member - Mr Thomas Cheung Biu LIANG

Group Chief Executive - Wideland Investors Group of Companies;
Chief Executive - Wei Lun Foundation Limited

Convener, Finance Sub-committee - Ms Pauline Po Lin LO

UWC Graduate - Atlantic College;
Former Member - UWC Scholarships Hong Kong Selection Committee;
Founding Committee Member - UWC Graduates Organization (Hong Kong) Limited ;
Chair - UWC Graduates Organization (Hong Kong) Limited (1986) ;
Former Member - the Appeal Board Panel (Consumer Goods Safety), Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, HKSAR Government (2001-2007);
Finance Director, Pan Asia - Wolverine World Wide

Member - Dr Ronald LU Yuen Cheung

Founder & Chairman - Ronald Lu & Partners (Hong Kong) Ltd;
Past Chairman - Hong Kong Architect Centre (HKAC) (2009-2013);
Past President - Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA);
Past President - The American Institute of Architects (AIA HK) Hong Kong Chapter;
Fellow - The American Institute of Architects (AIA);
Co-Foundation Chairman - Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU);
Member of the Court - Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST);
Patron of the Alumni Association & Chairman of the UNSW Foundation - University of New South Wales (UNSW);
Director - Chinese YMCA;
Chairman of School Board - Chinese YMCA College, Ma On Shan

Member - Dr Gloria TAM, JP

UWC Graduate - Atlantic College;
Member - Roster of Experts, Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meetings on Microbiological Risk Assessment (JEMRA);
Founder and CEO – 3 Srs Co Ltd

Convener, Academic Sub-committee - Prof WAN Chin Chin

Education & Career Consultant;
Founder & President - The Asian Association for Lifelong Learning;
Member - Teachers Without Borders;
Former member - UWC Scholarships Hong Kong Selection Committee

Member - Miss Tammy WAN

UWC Graduate - Atlantic College;
Former Member - International Baccalaureate Board of Governors (2005-2011);
Former Member - The UWC Council;
Member - The UWC International Board of Directors (2000-2008);
Board Member - UWC Graduates Organization (Hong Kong) Limited (2003-2008);
Chair - UWC Graduates Organization (Hong Kong) Limited (1996-2000)
Board Member - Opera Hong Kong Limited (2003-2008);
Executive Director, Mergers & Acquisitions, The Royal Bank of Scotland (2008-2010). Retired from banking in 2011

Convener, Tender Board - Sister Margaret WONG Kam Lin Annie, MH

Supervisor & Principal - St Paul's Convent School

Member - Mr XIE Ying-hai

UWC Graduate - Li Po Chun UWC;
Chair - UWC Graduates Organization Hong Kong Limited (2000-2006);
Former Member - UWC Scholarships Hong Kong Selection Committee;
Former-Vice President - The Carlyle Group, Shanghai;
Former Managing Director - Milestone Capital, Shanghai;

Member - Mr Ken YEUNG Kwok Mung

UWC Graduate – UWC USA;
Chair - UWC Hong Kong National Committee Limited;
Founding Director – UWC Graduates Organization (Hong Kong) Limited;
Board Director – MIT Alumni Association;
Advisory Board Director – MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node;
Advisory Board Director – MIT Club of Hong Kong;
Past President – MIT Club of Hong Kong (2011-2015);
Advisory Member – St Paul’s College Foundation Fundraising Committee;
CEO & Executive Director – Tom Group Ltd;

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