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Our Donors

It is the belief of UWC that no one should be deprived of the opportunity to receive a quality education due to financial circumstances. UWC admits students based on individual merit, and ensures diversity in its student body through the provision of scholarships. To continue our work, UWC relies on your donations!

To date, UWC has inspired a worldwide network of more than 55,000 alumni who have proved how education can be used as a force to transform and unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

We thank you for imagining that future together with us.  We thank you for helping to select and support the young leaders who will make such a future possible

Current Donors

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Ling Charitable Foundation Ltd.          

Stephanie Hui GS Gives Fund

Tiers of Recognition  (2023)

Peace Circle 

  • Class 2000 Reunion Group

Sustainability Circle

Diversity Circle 

  • Asia Insurance Co., Ltd

  • Class 2001 Reunion Group

  • Edith Shih

Friends Circle 

  • Anita Fung (PC '80)

  • Cindy Lam (PC '76)

  • The Van Matsui Gift Fund (In honor of Miranda & Dr Marco Van Boswell and Michael Yong (LPC '94))

Individual Donors 

AFH Charitable Foundation Limited

Au, Tin Lun (LPC '00)

Bent, Alexander (LPC '96)

Bhattarai, Ranjan (LPC '00)

Chan Chin-Chi, Esther (LPC '00)

Chan Ka Wing, Karen (LPC '02)

Chan So Yee, Zoe (LPC '15)

Chan Sui Fan, Ivan (LPC '03)

Chan Wa, Wallace (LPC '05)

Chan Wing Huen, Sharon (LPC '00)

Chan Yuk Ying, Eugenie (LPC ’94)

Chan, Tinny (LPC '13)

Chau, Sunny (LPC '01)

Cheung Tin Muk, Daisy (LPC '03)

Cheung Yik Man, Stephanie (LPC '03)

Cheung, Tamini

Cheung, Wing

Chong, Kung Wai (LPC '00)

Chu, Pui-Man (LPC '00)

Chu, Yi Kwan (LPC '03)

Chui, Nga Tik (LPC '00)

Chung Wan Ho, Martin (LPC '01)

Chung, Tak Chun (LPC '94)

Class of 1994

Class of 2000

Class of 2001

Class of 2003

Cundiff, Elisa Lucia (LPC '03)

De Haes, Paulien (LPC '03)

Denniston, Leila (LPC '13)

Eaves, Gabrielle (LPC '00)

Eikenes, Cristofer (LPC '00)

Fan Wing-Yin (LPC '00)

Fok Chi Ching, Evelyn (LPC '10)

Fok Wing Yu, Christine (LPC '03)

Fong Chui Ying, Rachel (LPC '03)

Forsman, Jonas (LPC '02)

Fulgueiras Montoro, Mariana

Alejandra (LPC ’02)

Gomez Lozano, Nayeli (LPC '01)

Goldman Sachs Charitable Gift

Henderson, Jane (LPC ‘99)

Hierta, Anna Justina (LPC '00)

Houghton, James (Goldman Sachs Gives)

Ho Ho-Yin, Patrick (LPC '00)

Ho Siu Kee, Kate (LPC '00)

Ho, Nancy (LPC '94)

Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd
Hugentobler, Christopher (LPC '11)
Ibrahim, Celene
Jacobs, Inga (LPC '00)
Jacobs, Nora (LPC '03)
Jung, Juan (LPC '03)
Karim, Mahendree (LPC '00)
Kassahun, Haileyesus Betre (LPC '03)
Koo Siu Wai, David (LPC '00)
Koskinen, Anneli Jenny (LPC “00)

Kularatne, Buvini (LPC '01)

Kwok Hiu Wai, Stephanie (LPC '11)

Kwong Chi Hang, Adrian (LPC '09)

Lakhani, Magda (LPC '97)

Lambkin, Angus (LPC '99)

Lau Chi Yee, Loretta (LPC '03)

Lau Chi Yin, Jean (LPC '03)

Lau, Ruth

Lau, Yin-Ting Prudence (LPC '00)

Lee Hysan Foundation

Lee Kai-Ying, Iris (LPC '00)

Lee Ka-Yan, Karen (LPC '00)

Lee Kwan-hang, Frederick (LPC ’94)

Lee Wing Sze, Ida (LPC ’09)

Leung, Kin Shan (LPC ’03)

Li, Ken Ning (LPC '03)

Li, Waqng Qiu

Lighthouse Tech. Ltd

Lim Chui Chui

Lim Wan-Yue, Clio (LPC '00)

Liu, Bo (LPC '00)

Lui Chung Ming, Jimmy (LPC '98)

M. Moser Associates Ltd

Ma Siu Cheong, Jason (LPC '06)

Ma Wing Tsz, Sandy (LPC ’04)

Matatu, Nicholas (LPC '00)

Matsui, Martin K.

Moje, Sophie (LPC "00)

Mok Suk Ying, Anna (LPC '94)

Moore, Scott (LPC '04)

Moricke, Dunja (LPC '00)

Nand, Sanjay (LPC '05)

Ng Siu Wai, Andrew (LPC '03)

Ng, Siu Kwan

Nistor, Ben (LPC '11)

Oledoinyo Web Services

Pan, Yang (LPC '99)

Pao Shihao, Michael (LPC '03)

Patsikatheodorou, Stratos (LPC '05)

Prieto, Gabriel (LPC '00)

Radler, Meike (LPC '10)

Radomanp, Slobodan

Ramanathan, Kumar (LPC '11)

Renneberg, Tom (LPC '00)

Rosenberg, Matthias (LPC '94)

Schrijvers, Andrea (LPC '03)


Shum, Ho Cheung (LPC '01)

Si Yat Ka, Anthony (LPC ’97)

Sikkes, Marc (LPC '95)

Slappendel, Marjolein

Snow, Renata (LPC '10)

So Lok Ling, Esther (LPC '07)

So Wai Yi, Vennie (LPC '01)

Sodexo (HK) Ltd

Stenberg, Sidney (LPC '00)

Tencent Charity Foundation

Tong, Florence Veronica (LPC '01)

Tsang Hin-Fai, Derek (LPC '00)

Tsang Shun Man, Jacko (LPC '00)

Tse, Sze Wah (LPC '00)

Tsui Ching Wai, Claire LPC '03)

Vodičar, Mark

Wai, Shu Kee

Wang, Sushan (LPC '00)

Wauters, Eveline (LPC '07)

Widex Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Wong Ka Ying, Olivia

Wong Yuk Lam, Nelson (LPC '03)

Wong, Hang So

Wong, Helen (LPC '01)

Wong, Pui Suen (LPC '02)

Wong, Tak Wai

Yeung, Ken (USA '84)

Yung Man Yan, Amy (LPC '03)

Y. Xu and T. Williams Giving Fund

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