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Youth Programme

LPCUWC's Youth Programmes offer a taste of the UWC experience in terms of learning and/or peer interactions. Meet UWC students and alumni, gain perspective on peace and sustainability, and develop soft skills and personal initiative!

Our Youth Programme offerings dovetail with the UWC Mission and UN SDGs. Are you passionate about combating inequality and prejudice? Do you want to drive sustainable behaviours and communities? Or perhaps you are interested in innovating solutions and connecting people towards a better society. You will likely find an event of interest from our line-up of student/alumni-led events each year. Join us in late December or late March for daycamps and conferences, or stay on the LPC campus for longer residential camps in early August.

To find out more and register your interest, visit the YPM website.

Education outside the classroom gives you a sense of leadership and partnership; it makes you work with people you don't know, and it gives you a sense of belonging. You have to respect other opinions, consider them, be humble and work with your team.

Syed Askar Zaidi

(Pakistan/Bangladesh/Hong Kong, LPCUWC '22)

Participant of Youth PeaceMakers Summer Camp 2019


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