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Sino-Japan Youth Conference 

The Sino-Japan Youth Conference was founded by Chishio Furukawa (LPCUWC '09). Every year, students from UWC schools across the world join forces to host this Conference on our campus, bringing together teenagers from the regions of Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to promote dialogue, mutual understanding as well as celebration of difference.

For almost a whole week, students live on our campus, bonding through activities, discussions, excursions and performances. The takeaway is a nuanced perspective, the motivation to become a peacemaker, and lasting friendships.

As a lead-up to the Conference, the Hong Kong SJYC team may also hold a winter daycamp for students based in Hong Kong.

Programme Details

Dates: Daycamp in December; Conference in late July

Location: LPCUWC campus (may vary)

Language: English

Fees & Application date: varies by year/region

Eligible ages: 14-18 years old (at time of event)

Financial aid: Reduced fees available for candidates with demonstrable need

For more details: Visit the SJYC Facebook & Instagram!
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