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EOTC/Quan Cai

Build Resilience & Leadership via Student-Led CAS programmes

One of the IBDP requirements is for students to participate in Creative, Activity and Service progrommes. At LPCUWC, we term this part of the curriculum "Quan Cai" ("QC"), which in Chinese stands all round development of the student.

We believe participation in CAS is so important to the student's growth, as this is where positive character is developed via trial and error. In LPCUWC, we don't organise activities for students to participate in. Instead, students organise activities to fulfil what they believe in and have passion in. Whether an activity is well organised according to its goals and objectives are all in the student's hands.

There are over 60 QC Experiences that students can participate in. This is a deliberately free environment that mimics the university life or even real life that we strive hard to create, establishing an experience that every student highly treasure throughout these two years.

CAS Program is not just a fundamental element of the International Baccalaureate program, but also a strong emphasis of our education for students to truly practice the UWC mission. We treat this part of the education very seriously, requiring active participation of CAS programs to put students into close connections with the communities surrounding them.

Our programs are diverse and thoughtfully created, with each having its own unique overall mission that ties with the UWC movement. Most activites have certain level of involvements with the local or foregin community, as we believe Change Makers need to develop understanding of the real world not just from the book, but from actual interactions.

This is why our academic classes only occupy roughly more than half a day, not more, also why we believe a boarding arrangement is necessary. All of these are designed to make sure we have plenty of opportunities for students to receive an Education outside of the classroom, something that is core to their growth as a person.

When we ask students and alumni about their most memorable moments here, a clear pattern emerges – people remember their Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) experiences best. That's because all our programs are Student-Led.

All programs in LPCUWC are practically lead and operated by the students. Unlike in many other schools, our faculty members take a back seat in organizing the programs, because we want students to find their own meaning and motivation in why they want to participate in the specific programs and define what success means for themselves. This is never an easy journey for students, as responsibilities are suddenly put into their hands. Yet that's also how they learn the most.

To implement this student-led approach, our faculty will maintain deliberate distance to give student freedom to explore their ideas and plans. Nevertheless, the responsible faculty members will continue to observe and provide guidance, making sure that the right attitudes and values we are trying to cultivate are properly shaped.

Each CAS program is typically led by two Second Year student leaders, with usually 15~20 other Second Year and First Year students joining as members. The students will need to work as a team to achieve the objectives they have defined together as a group for the year, and throughout the year they will need to connect with each other through shared experience to make things happen. As students come from various background and experience related to the program, conflicts are bound to arise. They will be challenged to work together as a group, find common ground on the program's objectives, resolve any disagreements, or hold each other responsible to show up or contribute on the same level

By sorting through these challenges, students build character and social skills that they won't get to pick up just from academic world. They also get a true taste of how the real world works, with an early introduction to the University life that they will soon need to experience.

Our EOTC / Quan Cai Model

Our EOTC Philosophy

The Quan Cai programme at LPCUWC closely resembles the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) program of the IB. Students are required to complete at least one of each per year in order to receive the IB diploma. 


However, most of our students at LPCUWC participate more than one activity in each category. There is no additional guideline from the school, but students generally volunteer themselves to pursue their interest.

The QC experiences takes place in the afternoon and evening on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Weekends. Each experience is usually lead by two year 2 student leaders with one staff supervisor overseeing the experience. 

Creativity Experiences

LPC Souveniors

LPC Souvenir provides an opportunity for students to learn about the process of souvenir production and marketing. They are involved in creating designs that evoke campus memories and best represent the LPCUWC brand and experience. Together with the Development Office, students also identify channels through which LPCUWC and the larger UWC community can obtain a piece of LPCUWC branded goods both online and offline

Playback Theatre

Playback is a theatre form that celebrates the lives of the audience. The audience are invited to share their life stories and feelings with the Playback team who perform or 'play them back' using abstract improvisational movement and sound. Playback is therapeutic and celebratory for both performers and audience and demands a high degree of teamwork, trust, spontaneity and risk taking from the participants. Playback serves a wide range of audiences including physically and mentally challenged care centres, a refugee centre and a home for the aged as well as local schools.

Green Pioneers for Sustainability

GPS promotes sustainability in the LPC and local school communities with events & educational talks about environmentalism, with the goal to change people's lifestyle and thereby create a generation who will carry on sustainable habits into our futures.

The highlight of GPS is a day-camp for high school students from other local schools to join to learn the UWC value of sustainability through games, workshops and discussions. Through the event attendees are guided to formulate initiatives to promote sustainable resource usage at their own school campus.

Activity Experiences

Coral Monitoring

LPCUWC's Coral Monitoring team focuses on monitoring the major coral communities at Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park as well as raising awareness within our own community about marine conservation. Students are trained as a diver and learn organism identification and survey techniques to monitor corals by using Reefcheck and Coralwatch protocols. Data is collected and shared with PADI Project Aware, WWF, and Hong Kong's Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

Dragon Dance


Dragon Dance is an activity with the objective to share Chinese culture with the College community, nurture a team spirit among members and allow participants to extend personal boundaries.


Dragon Dance performances take place at all important College events including the Welcoming Show, Open Day, Chinese Cultural Evening and the Fundraising show. In the first term we will learn the basic tricks and build up physical fitness. In the second term we will prepare for the in-school performance.



Kayaking is a water sport activity that will allow participants to experience the surrounding waters in a unique way. The kayaking QC will allow people to become confident on the water, and build the skills necessary to traverse open waters, by using the pool to begin then later moving to the bays nearby. Kayaking is good exercise that is also low-impact, allowing you to develop core strength at the same time.

Service Experiences

Working with Domestic Workers

Migrant domestic workers make up around 5% of HK’s residents. Whist HK has legislation to protect migrant workers, many of these, mostly women, do not always know their rights, which make result in them being prone to abuse and violations of rights. Thus, we work together with outside charities and legal professionals to become familiar with migrant workers rights in HK, supporting us in carrying out outreach work to provide language support, cultural exchange and learn about the working conditions of the workers first-hand.


Students of this QC will become familar with issues pertinent to HK, along with the ins and outs of labour laws and gender issues.

Social Innovation Network Group


This QC aims to spread the knowledge of social entrepreneurship to students in and outside of LPC, with our highlight being organizing an external bootcamp in the second half of the academic year.


Before being responsible in organizing the event, QC members will  first be required to learn about social entrepreneurship via attending a Design Thinking workshop with CoCoon (a partner foundation under HK Jockey Club), participate in external bootcamps / events such as ‘GoMAD’, ‘Microsoft Imagine Cup’, and the ‘Hong Kong Youngtrepreneur Challenge’ or attend company visits to TESLA, Farfetch, The Mills Fabrica, & Sino Inno Lab, and a virtual visit to HSBC. Are you ready to make a difference? Now come join us!

United World Schools

United World Schools is an organisation initiated by Chris Howarth (Atlantic UWC) to build schools in the more rural parts of Asia. It is a youth-helping-youth initiative to sponsor one or more schools in Asia (currently Cambodia), helping children and women in the rural area receive the education that they normally would not have access to.


The LPCUWC team's responsibility is to raise enough money to sponsor the building and running of a partnership school in Cambodia among other small projects to support supplies and study materials for the children. Fundraising activities include snack shop, bake sales, Winter gift packs, Graduation gift packs, Halloween Night. For 8 consecutive years, in pre-COVID19 days, LPCUWC would visit our partnership village school in Cambodia for Project week and spend a week in the village working within the school and supporting creative learning activities. We look forward to visiting Cambodia again in the very near future.

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