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Youth Plus Mission

Youth Plus Mission is an evolution of the Youth PeaceMakers camps created in 2019.


YPM was conceived with a focus on socio-cultural understanding as a foundation for peacebuilding. This focus endures even while YPM extends its scope to themes like diversity, conflict management and videography.  In YPM's day-camps, students spend a day on campus, interacting with our diverse student community and furthering their understanding of the UWC movement.


In YPM summer camps, students have the option to live on our campus. They experience diversity through hands-on activities, games, mini-competitions and performances, organised by UWC students and alumni. The takeaways are improved friendships, an intersectional perspective on culture, and a curiosity towards the world around us.

Programme Details

Dates: daycamps in December; summer camp in July-August

Location: LPCUWC campus

Language: English

Fees & Application date: varies by year

Eligible ages: 13-17 years old (at time of event)

Financial aid: Reduced fees available for candidates with demonstrable need

For more details: Visit the YPM website & Instagram!

Upcoming Events

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