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Welcome to our testimonial page, where the voices of our amazing College community comes together to create a symphony of shared experiences and unyielding pride.

Here you hear from LPCUWC students and the wider community about their inspirational and heartfelt experiences! This page is a celebration of the transformative experiences and remarkable achievements that happen within our College. Get ready to be inspired as you dive into a world of personal anecdotes, uplifting testimonials, and genuine expressions of appreciation. Whether you're a prospective student looking for a glimpse into our school's magic or a current member of our community seeking a dose of positivity, we hope these messages will inspire you one way or another! 

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Angela Jessica Hifume, Philippines

"The scholarship helped me a lot, understanding the different cultures, different backgrounds, because it's not just me studying here. I'm studying with so much diverse people from different culture from different backgrounds from different countries and I think it helped me a lot understanding the situation understanding their point of views understanding what is happening in the world especially the mission and vision of the UWC concept itself, which is the peace and sustainability, me as a student I became more aware of what is happening globally."

Yashica (1).jpg

Yashica Vijayakumar, 

Hong Kong/India

"The LPCUWC journey is a rewarding experience I won’t forget. Entering this school with barely any clue about cultures from the other half of the world, to meeting my new best friends from different continents, this experience is a story I will be telling many people in the future. Here, I’ve evolved as a person. My perspectives on many different social issues increased. This opportunity is something I am extremely thankful for, and it wouldn't have been possible without the donors. After this, I aspire to study law or IR. Through LPC, I understand that this world requires a lot of fixing and hopefully, I wish to bring some change."

Houda (1).jpeg

Houda Saliba,


"Attending LPC has been the greatest experience and honor I have had. Not only has this program given me the opportunity to grow in a diverse and educational setting, but it has given me a chance to seek a better future full of greater opportunities that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten access to. I personally want to pursue a global political career while traveling and further exploring the large world we have. While I have the chance, I would like to thank all members of this community from donors to staff for allowing us this opportunity."

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