FAQs for UWCs in General

Are Secondary 5 students eligible to apply to UWCs?
Secondary 5 students who are Hong Kong permanent ID card holders or dependent visa holders may also apply through Scholarship Entry and the same selection process applies. However, they should note that they will enter as a Year 1 student into the UWC and will need to complete the 2 year IB curriculum.

I really want to attend a UWC, but the cost is more than my family can afford. Are scholarships difficult to obtain?
Almost every student who comes to a UWC does so with scholarship assistance. Most Hong Kong students receive scholarship assistance according to their family’s financial situation. As far as possible, we try to ensure that no student is prevented from attending a UWC for financial reasons.

Are applicants from overseas expected to attend the aptitude test and Challenge Day?
All applicants who apply through the Hong Kong selection process must attend the aptitude test, Challenge Day and panel interview held in Hong Kong.

My Principal does not wish to write a reference in support of my UWC application. Will this affect my chances in the selection process?
We are aware of a very small number of Principals who do not wish to write references for students wishing to apply to change schools. Where a Principal declines to provide a reference, a student is encouraged to obtain a reference from a teacher who knows them well, such as their tutor or form teacher. You may also obtain a character reference from a respected person such as a doctor, minister of religion, teacher in another school, etc. This does not affect your chances of being accepted into a UWC.

What should I study for the aptitude test?
You cannot study for the test. The test does not examine content learnt in any course. It is equally fair for students from all backgrounds and educational programmes.

What is the staff like at UWC?
The staff at UWC is a highly professional team of committed educators from diverse backgrounds and committed to the UWC values and mission. Teachers are much more than classroom teachers at UWC, they act as student advisors, houseparents and provide guidance and support to the students in general. They are often deeply involved in students’ services and activities, and contribute to the extra curricular programs as supervisors.



How many different countries do the students at LPCUWC come from?
At present, we have students from about 80 different countries. Around 45% of our students come from Hong Kong, and the remaining 55% come from around the world.

Are the international/non-Hong Kong students mainly the children of expatriates working in Hong Kong?
No, LPCUWC is unique among schools in Hong Kong in this respect. Our students are invited to come to Hong Kong specifically to study at LPCUWC. In almost all cases, their families are still living in their home countries. The international/overseas students mainly come on scholarships, and are selected by the UWC National Committee in their home country.

I have heard that it is very difficult for Hong Kong students to get into LPCUWC because so many apply. How many students apply to come to LPCUWC each year, and how many do you accept?
The number of applications varies each year, ranging from about 200 to over 300. Each year, we accept about 50 new students from Hong Kong into the LPCUWC and about 80 from other countries.

What is the food like at LPCUWC?
LPCUWC has the reputation of having some of the best food in any school in Hong Kong, or indeed in any UWC according to many reports. Each day, a choice of Western and Chinese meals is available, with a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option within each. In addition, there is a sandwich bar and a salad bar.

I know that LPCUWC is fully residential. What is the residential arrangement like?
Staff and students live in four residential blocks that curve along the ridge overlooking the waters of Starfish Bay and Tolo Harbour. Male and female students are separated into different floors. Each room accommodates four students, usually two Hong Kong students and two others from different continents.

Do I need to bring my own laptop computer?
We encourage all students to have a laptop. If you are unable to afford to purchase a laptop, the College has a limited number of laptops available for loan.

Is LPCUWC a profit-making school?
Definitely not! LPCUWC is a registered charity in Hong Kong, and a not-for-profit organisation. It is a member of the Direct Subsidy Scheme. The College was established through a generous grant from the Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund and support from the Hong Kong government. Generous donations from the Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Lord Wilson UWC Scholarship Council continue to enable the College to provide substantial financial assistance to students who are selected to attend the College.