At all UWC schools and colleges, it is our basic philosophy to select students purely on merit and their financial background is not a hindrance for them to be selected. Therefore, the UWC Scholarship Scheme provides scholarships and fee remission to selected students according to their financial need on a means-tested basis.

A range of scholarships amounts are given according to need up to a full scholarship. A full scholarship to attend a UWC covers tuition, textbooks and accommodation fees. Scholarships do not cover air fare, travel expenses, pocket money and other incidental expenses.

Fee Remission / Scholarship Schemes

The UWC Scholarship Scheme covers the following Fee Remission / Scholarship Schemes to students who have been selected for admission based on personal merit.  The aim is to provide all students with equal opportunities irrespective of their financial means to receive quality education at all United World Colleges.

School Fees for LPCUWC

All-Inclusive fees includes:

(a) Tuition Fee (costs for books, stationery, school trips and IB examination entry fees) and

(b) Boarding Fee (all residential costs including boarding, food and vaccinations). 

All-Inclusive fees for 2022/2023 are as follows:  

  • Local Hong Kong students: HK$300,000*
  • Overseas students: HK$396,000*

*Estimation only, subject to change and subsequent approval from the Hong Kong Education Bureau.