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LPCUWC Celebrates Exceptional IBDP Results for Class of 2024

Updated: Jul 8

[Hong Kong, 7 July 2024] - Li Po Chun United World College (LPCUWC) celebrates the Class of 2024 IBDP results, including a perfect score of 45 and 65 bilingual diplomas, which demands the candidates to fulfill the diploma requirements through multiple languages up to a literature level. In our multicultural environment, where students from over 94 nationalities speak more than 200 languages, attaining such outstanding IBDP results is truly remarkable.

Our community includes students from Africa, Latin and South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and North America, with some coming from war-torn regions. These exceptional students, chosen by 159 National Committees as the crème de la crème, bring a transformative socio-economic diversity to the UWC experience, enriching learning through varied perspectives. Given their calibre, it is perhaps unsurprising, yet still deeply impressive, that they have achieved such high results.

The transformation these students undergo at LPCUWC ensures they leave with global competencies. They are ready to be global citizens who understand and are capable of addressing complex issues such as conflicts, wealth gaps, and extreme weather, without being easily overwhelmed.

"To the graduating class, you are a beacon of inspiration. While others may prioritise scores, you have tried your hands on making a positive impact in the world. Obtaining the IB Diploma, alongside your other contributions, is a special accomplishment. I am immensely proud of all our students. You have brought vibrancy, compassion, and positive change to our campus, Hong Kong, and beyond. I know you will continue to do great things, embodying the UWC mission and its values. Go forth and be the change the world needs."Principal, Dr. Spencer A. Fowler

With sufficient exposure over two years to almost all global cultures, our students are set to pursue higher education in prestigious institutions around the world, including the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Europe, Canada, Singapore, China, and Japan. Many international students will stay in Hong Kong to study at HKU, HKUST, CUHK and PolyU, helping to build goodwill connections and talent pools for Hong Kong. Through our Talent for Hong Kong Scholarship Programme, we ensure that top talents contribute to the region's growth. The diverse talent that LPCUWC is able to attract showcases the unique opportunities that exist in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Many of our students have a keen interest in staying in Hong Kong long-term, recognizing the city's strategic geo-political significance, abundant resources, and thriving ecosystem for innovation. Hong Kong's position as a global financial hub and gateway to mainland China, combined with its world-class talent pool, make it an ideal incubator for cutting-edge technologies and solutions to address pressing global challenges. Our students are poised to leverage Hong Kong's distinct advantages as they embark on their journey to become the next generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers.

We are proud that over 50% of LPCUWC students receive need-based scholarships. In the 2023/2024 academic year, over HK$45 million in scholarships was awarded, funded by major donors such as Tencent. This funding supports our deliberate diversity and inclusion efforts.

As a model of educational excellence, LPCUWC remains dedicated to nurturing a diverse community. Having the intercultural competencies for global leadership, we are committed to enhancing our academic programme and learning environment, empowering students to become compassionate, innovative, and socially responsible leaders. In our 32 years, we've educated 3,800 students from 150 nationalities, now serving in leadership roles all around the world.

Congratulations and thank you, Class of 2024! Your legacy will inspire future generations.

For more information about the Class of 2024 and LPCUWC's ongoing journey of educational excellence, visit our website or contact us at

[About LPCUWC]

Hong Kong has been connected to the UWC since 1972. LPCUWC, part of the UWC network of 18 schools, opened in 1992 and offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) for students aged 16-19. LPCUWC, a coed international residential college with over 90 nationalities, fosters peace and sustainability-focused education.

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